Aherlow House Hotel will take every care to ensure that all details provided to us are kept in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation.

We do not pass any details onto third parties.


In the public areas and some staff areas CCTV is in operation and video recordings may be made. This activity is carried out for security and service reasons. For further information regarding the hotel CCTV application should be made to the General Manager.


Your personal information refers to the data obtained from you in connection with the service provided. Your privacy is important to us and we promise to respect your personal information. Information is collected lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and 2003 and we will do our best to ensure that your details are accurate and up-to-date. We will use your personal information for the following reasons so that we can provide you with a first-class service: To confirm, update and improve customer records. Identify and inform you of services that may be of interest. Analyse and develop a relationship with you. Personal information you supply us with and the information about your use of services will only be used by Aherlow House Hotel to tell you by letter, telephone or email about services that may be of interest to you. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party.


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Further information or clarification may be had by email.